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Plan your way to financial freedom with AFA Insolvency. We are specialists in helping people clear their unaffordable debt by repaying only what they can afford to their creditors over a fixed period of time

May not be suitable in all circumstances. Debt solutions may contain fees. Read IVA fees here


Approved IVA’s

“Very helpful and understanding.

Simple 3 step process


In our initial consultation
we will discuss your current circumstances to see what works for you.


We will provide you with all the information to allow you to make an informed decision on the best debt solution for you.

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If an IVA is a right solution for you, then we will then start
the work on your behalf.

How it works!

We look at your current debt situation and tailor a practical, affordable and achievable debt solution to suit you and provide expert advice, while still letting you enjoy life.

We’ll tailor a financial solution that helps with your unsecured debt, to take the stress away and take control of your debt.

Many people feel ashamed that their debts have gotten the better of them. There is no need to feel this way – we can help! Quite often, circumstances are to blame, and it is no fault of your own.

At AFA, you will find a sympathetic and understanding team, who will talk you through your debt relief options without any judgment.

I have so many questions about an IVA?

We understand that you may have many questions regarding your financial situation. We have created an FAQ section which outlines some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. 

If you are unable to find what you are looking for then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 850 1018 and one of our advisors can help you further.

Protections from creditors

An IVA will grant you legal protection from your creditors

What our existing client say about us


Really helpful want hear About your circumstances not trying to get you off the phone glad I went to them made you feel you can ask Questions would highly recommend.

Tracy Smith


AFA are amazing they done everything all I done was a quick phone call and within a few days all my debts are combined with one simple payment and it works out I’m only paying half what I owe. Feel like a big weight has gone. AFA are brilliant 👏.

Daniel Mcguire

Google Reviews


I’ve been paying a company hundred pound a month for the last 12 years and my balance was it never was coming down so I look for another alternative very happy to found a IVA which has put my mind at rest thank you

Joan Knight


Very quick, transparent and helpful. The process was really smooth and personable which is very important. At no point have I felt judged or uncomfortable. The whole team is fantastic

Christiana Vasiliou

Google Reviews

Free and impartial money advice is available from the Money Helper, an organisation set up by the Government for people in debt..

How can AFA Insolvency help you?

“AFA Insolvency offer a clear way to clearing your outstanding debt with an IVA”

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